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Resistance Bands

Resistance bands tend to include both professional athletes and those who just want to keep in shape in their workouts. This is due to the simplicity and efficiency of this fitness tool, which is very useful for exercises both in the gym and at home. In addition, they can be easily adjusted to the needs of different workouts, using handles for more comfortable grip and fasteners that allow you to create exercise machines at home, as well as straps of different sizes and weights, depending on the intended training intensity and type of exercise. This tool is also often used in rehabilitation to help strengthen the body after various types of injuries and surgeries, as well as diseases of the nervous system.

To give you more information about resistance rubbers and how to use them, we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions about them.

This training tool can be used for a variety of exercises and training almost all parts of the body, but most often resistance gums are used for strength exercises and strengthening different muscle groups.
The set of resistance rubbers contains tapes of different sizes and resistance strength, which will allow you to perform various exercises of different intensities.
It depends on the exercises you plan to do with it - in some cases, such as training the legs, they will not be necessary, while other times the handles can make the exercise much more comfortable.