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Covers, Cases, Tempered Glass

Phone cases are very popular mobile accessories. Why? Phone owners buy them to personalize their phone, as there are now many phone case designs available that impress with their variety. However, mobile phone accessories also serve a practical purpose - to protect the phone from damage and scratches. Therefore, every mobile phone owner is advised to purchase accessories such as a phone case or protective glass. If you are looking for practical, visually attractive wallets, cases, protective glasses that are most suitable for your phone model at an attractive price, then check out our offer right now!

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Phone cases - for safety and design

Phone cases have long been more than just a security accessory for your mobile device. If you want to make your mobile phone truly individual, while protecting it from drops and scratches, choose a phone case that will reflect your personal style. In our wide range of covers and cases, you will find models for all the most popular and popular brands and manufacturers: iPhone, Samsung, LG, Pixel, Huawei, CAT, Nokia, etc.

Phone covers - a phone cover, a stylish accessory for you!

Mobile phone covers protect the phone from scratches, various casing damage, soften the fall in case the phone falls. This practical accessory also serves as a decorative element that gives the phone a special touch. To protect your phone, there are phone covers that cover the entire body of the phone, both the back and the screen, as well as phone cases that partially protect the phone from the back and sides of the phone. Which method you choose depends on the situation in which you plan to use your smartphone. For example, if your mobile phone is exposed to frequent shocks, moisture and other risks of damage, then phone covers that cover the entire body are recommended. However, the phone is not always at risk of serious damage, so many buyers also choose a mobile phone accessory such as a phone case on a daily basis.

Mobile phone accessories - cases and covers

When choosing mobile phone accessories, it is also important to pay attention to the materials from which the phone covers or cases are made. For example, the most popular choice is silicone phone cases, because they have a pleasant price and are easy to care for. However, often buyers also choose accessories from rubber, plastic or even leather, which depends on the preferences, budget, conditions of use of the phone.

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Frequently asked questions

In our online store there are phone cases and covers for mobile phones of all the most popular manufacturers:
  • iPhone;
  • Huawei;
  • LG;
  • CAT;
  • Samsung;
  • Xiaomi and from other manufacturers.
  • Phone covers are a very useful mobile phone accessory that protects the phone screen from scratches and various damage. It is most often chosen when buying a brand new phone to protect it from possible scratches and prolong its life. If the cover of your phone is damaged, it is recommended that you replace it with a new one to protect your device.
    Phone cases protect the entire body of the phone, while phone covers protect the back and sides of the phone. However, these mobile phone accessories also serve as a decorative element to highlight the individuality of the phone owner. delivers throughout Latvia within 1-3 working days, using Omniva and DPD parcels or courier service.