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Ring Light

Ring light lamps have gained wide popularity due to the growing popularity of social networks. However, the use of ring lamps in photo and video content creation is much wider. The main advantage of ring lamps is the improvement of the visual appearance, reducing the formation of shadows and the even glow of the face. If you are also looking for a ring ring lamp for professional or amateur video or photo recording or improvement, then take a look at our wide offer and buy the most suitable model today!

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What is an ring or circle LED lamp?

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of creating successful photo and video materials. An annular LED lamp or a circle lamp is a light source in which LED light sources are arranged in a circular housing. The most common light source is an LED light strip or individual LEDs. In addition, the latest LED technology offers the ability to regulate light intensity and temperature. The ring lamp is used in combination with a special stand, which allows you to adjust the height of the light source, adapting it to create a variety of photo or video materials. Also, most ring lamps are equipped with a remote control, allowing you to control the operation of the lamp remotely.

Advantages of ring lamps

The wide range of photo and video lighting on offer can be confusing when choosing the most suitable type of lighting for your needs. Not without reason, circular lamps are one of the most popular choices today for both amateurs and professionals, as this product offers a number of advantages for creating video and photo materials. The main advantages of circular lamps are:
  • Compact and lightweight device
  • Easy and convenient to use.
  • Excellent shadow removal, allowing you to create beautiful shots.
  • Softens light by giving shine and masking imperfections.

  • Choosing the right ring light

    When choosing the most suitable ring light, it is important to evaluate the purpose of using the photo lamp with the specification of the chosen product. The hardware requirements for the Selfie lamp will definitely be lower, but the requirements for creating video and photo materials are different from the chosen content creation format. When choosing the most suitable model, evaluate:
  • Light size
  • A smaller ring lamp will be more suitable for a portrait photo, while a larger lamp will allow you to create photo and video materials of various formats.
  • Adjust the light
  • An adjustable light source will give you more creative freedom in implementing a wide range of ideas. Pay attention to whether it is possible to adjust the light intensity and temperature.
  • Uses
  • An adjustable and adjustable tripod is a must for those who want to create photo and video materials. It is also important whether the selected model body is rotating.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Ring light is a ring-shaped light source that emits direct, soft light to an object. Using ring light prevents shadows, improving photo and video quality.
    Ring-shaped LED lamps are widely used in the creation of photo and video materials among both professionals and amateurs. The softened light generated by the lamp perfectly illuminates the subject, eliminating various imperfections and shortcomings.
    Yes, the ring lamp is perfect for creating photo and video materials right at home. The use of a ring lamp does not require specific knowledge, as well as provides an opportunity to obtain a great result, without professional photo and video equipment. delivers throughout Latvia within 1-3 working days, using Omniva and DPD parcels or courier service.