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Phone Chargers, Cables and Adapers

Phone chargers as well as an adapter, USB cable for phone and other accessories are necessary for every smartphone owner, regardless of phone model. Advances in technology have allowed us to fully enjoy the comfort and range of benefits of a portable, compact device - the mobile phone. Read more..

However, despite the obvious benefits of smartphones, they have one important feature - limited battery life. As a result, the phone charger becomes an indispensable accessory to help operate our devices. Other accessories, such as a phone adapter, wires, and cables, also ensure full phone operation. It is very rare to do without them - especially if you have several smart devices in your possession. If you need a phone charger, adapter or phone charger cable, take a look at our wide range of mobile phone accessories and place your order now!

Phone adapter - Adapters for a variety of smartphone functions

Headphone adapter, USB-C adapter, SIM card adapter or universal adapter? Whatever adapter you are looking for for your mobile phone, you will find everything you need in the online store. Our wide range of smartphone accessories includes adapters for mobile phones of all popular brands.

Phone Chargers - Mobile Phone Chargers for Every Brand

A phone charger is probably the most important accessory for your phone, as it will not work without it. Also when traveling, traveling or even visiting, many choose the charger as the first thing to put in their bag. Of course, cell phone chargers always come with the phone itself, but they can often be lost or broken. You may also need to purchase transient chargers. As a result, you will need to purchase a new phone charger. What to look for when buying chargers?
  • Does the phone charger match your phone manufacturer - original phone chargers guarantee 100% compatibility with your device. However, many buyers also choose chargers from other companies to save money. If you choose a charger from another manufacturer, make sure that it is compatible with your device and select known manufacturers.
  • It is not recommended to buy the cheapest phone charger, as it is very likely that it will work slowly and break quickly.
  • If a cable is included with the charger, pay attention to its connection. The two most common connections for Android devices today are micro-USB and USB Type-C. You can buy them in our online store
  • Cables usually have a micro-USB, USB Type-C, or Lightning connection on one side and regular USB on the other. That's why the adapter is a universal mobile phone accessory. The exception is the Type-C adapter, which is designed for cables with the same connection on both>
See all the most important mobile phone accessories, choose the most suitable for your phone model and place an order in our e-shop!
If you want to know more about mobile phone chargers, adapters, wires and cables, then read our FAQ section!

Frequently asked questions is available for Apple iPhone, USB Type C chargers for phones, USB Wall Charger mobile phone chargers.
Apple iPhone, USB Type C adapters, Audio Aux Jack adapters, as well as Micro USB adapters, etc. are available in the online store
You can order Apple iPhone Lightning, USB Type C, Audio Aux Jack, Micro USB wires and cables in our online store
A phone adapter with different connections allows you to charge different devices at the same time. There are also types of adapters that have two connections at once, such as standard USB and USB Type C. delivers throughout Latvia within 1-3 working days, using Omniva and DPD parcels or courier service.