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A scooter is a convenient and compact means of transportation, a good way to actively relax. This type of personal transport is especially relevant in urban areas. On it you can quickly get to the place of work or study, bypassing traffic jams and crowds. Today, such a vehicle is a success due to its compact size and easy transportation.
In our online store you will find three-wheeled and two-wheeled scooters for both the smallest and older children.

Scooters are a great alternative to bicycles and roller skates, because even kids can master them the first time.

How to choose a scooter?

When buying, you should pay attention to: type of construction, size and weight of the scooter, wheels, brake and other systems. It is worth considering not only age, but also the physical capabilities of a person. It is better to choose an adjustable stand, the width of the platform depending on age. According to the type of construction, it is more convenient for all options - folding. Easy to put in the right place, assemble on a walk, does not take up much space.

Types of scooters

• Tricycles. Quite common among kids 3-4 years old. Steady, develops average speed. Available with or without a seat. The seat provides comfort while riding, such a scooter will replace a balance bike. After removing the seat, the child independently controls the scooter.

• Two-wheeled scooter. Suitable for children ages 5 and up who are able to balance. Has the ability to develop a sufficiently high speed, less stable.