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Sensory Corrective Toy Balls Set for Kids, Toddlers


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Sensory Corrective Toy Balls Set for Kids, Toddlers
Sensory Corrective Toy Balls Set for Kids, Toddlers
Sensory Corrective Toy Balls Set for Kids, Toddlers


Fabulously colourful sensory balls with different textures.

The balls have been designed with the youngest in mind to stimulate sensory receptors.

A great toy that will take care of your child's proper development.

Tossing, catching and rolling will exercise your little one's motor coordination.

In addition, each ball is equipped with a squeaker, which will stimulate the sense of hearing.

A great form of play, rehabilitation and learning in one.

The set includes 6 balls with different textures:

  • ball with small pips

  • Ball with big bumps

  • Round ball with indentations

  • Spiked hedgehog

  • round ball with stripes

  • ribbed ball

  • Creative balls with which there is no time for boredom.

    The ideal toy for a toddler is not only one that entertains, but also teaches.

    The colourful balls will help him learn the names of colours, counting and shape recognition.

    Playing with the balls stimulates the sense of sight and touch and has a positive effect on the development of the child's manual skills.

    The different structures are perfect for a relaxing massage for your little one. A relaxed baby falls asleep easier and sleeps longer.

    The balls are also great for bath time.

    They will make every bath a fanatic adventure rather than an unpleasant chore.

    Material: rubber

    Ball circumference: approx. 20cm

    Package dimensions: 18cm x 7cm x 21cm

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