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PocketBook Touch Lux 5 (628) E-Ink E-book E-Reader, Ruby Red

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Price: 179.90€134.90 €
Manufactured by: PocketBook
Model: 66305
Availablity: In Stock
Units in Stock2 pcs.
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PocketBook Touch Lux 5 (628) E-Ink E-book E-Reader, Ruby Red
PocketBook Touch Lux 5 (628) E-Ink E-book E-Reader, Ruby Red
PocketBook Touch Lux 5 (628) E-Ink E-book E-Reader, Ruby Red
PocketBook Touch Lux 5 (628) E-Ink E-book E-Reader, Ruby Red

PocketBook Touch Lux 5 Ink Black

PocketBook Touch Lux 5 is the fifth edition of one of the most popular readers of this well-known and popular brand. It is even more efficient than its predecessors, thanks to a processor twice as powerful. The reader was also created for people who love evening reading. It is the first in this series to have SMARTlight backlight.

E-Ink Carta screen - with eyes in mind

PocketBook Touch Lux 5 in black is equipped with an E-Ink Carta screen with a resolution of 1024x758 and 212 dpi, which makes it possible to read almost endlessly! Those who travel a lot will also be satisfied, because the 6-inch PocketBook Touch Lux 5 screen fits into every backpack and handbag!

Backlight for night owls

The latest black Touch Lux 5 allows you to read at any time of the day or night. As the first in the Touch Lux series, it was equipped with SMARTlight backlight, which allows you to adjust the temperature to the current lighting conditions. Therefore, it is perfect for people who love to read in the evening. 

Light as a feather!

The PocketBook from the Touch Lux series is also incredibly light, its weight is only 155 grams, which makes it one of the lightest readers available on the market.

The perfect expedition companion!

The most important feature of the device dedicated to travelers? Functionality! The PocketBook Touch Lux 5 lasts a long time on a single 1500 mAh battery charge, it also has extensive dictionaries, WiFi and proven applications that will diversify the journey. Isn't that the perfect companion for an expedition?

Superb screen sensitivity

PocketBook Touch Lux 5, like other models in this series, has an extremely sensitive screen. A gentle touch of a finger is enough to change the page or select the function that interests us. 

Are you a person who likes multitasking? Touch Lux 5 Ink Black allows you to move between books and applications without closing them. Save your time with PocketBook!

The perfect compromise

The combination of traditional and modern solutions will make everyone happy! A modern touch screen or standard button operation? PocketBook means that you do not have to choose, thanks to equipping the model with both these functions.

Reader for the true connoisseur of literature

With the PocketBook Touch Lux 5 Ink Black you will have a place for all your favorite e-books. The reader is equipped with 8 GB of internal memory, which you can expand by another 32 GB with an SD card!

Fast as lightning

Thanks to RAM of 512 MB and a 2x1GHz dual-core processor, the PocketBook Touch Lux 5 has even better response times than previous models. You can conveniently and smoothly switch pages in your favorite mobi and epub ebooks.

Choose the convenience of the PocketBook

The Send-To-PocketBook application allows you to easily send e-books to the reader via email. E-books sent to the mailbox will be automatically downloaded to the Send-to-PocketBook folder on your device thanks to the browser and Wi-Fi. 

Dropbox allows you to do it via the cloud, just move the file to the appropriate folder, without logging in to your email. Moreover, this service also allows you to transfer books from the reader to any device.

In addition, the reader supports the beloved Legimi application, which allows convenient and wireless access to thousands of e-books.

Share your thoughts

The ReadRate application and WiFi will give you the opportunity to share your observations and notes from e-books on social networks. Share your experiences at PocketBook Touch Lux 5!

Reading without converting

PocketBook Touch Lux 5 Ink Black will let you forget about file conversion, because it supports up to 19 formats. All you have to do is upload the e-book to your reader!


Technical Specifications:


6 "E Ink Carta


1024 x 758 px, 212 ppi

Screen backlight

Yes, Smart backlight SMARTlight (adjustable backlight color)

Gray levels


Supported file formats


Touch interface



Dual Core (2x1GHz)


512 MB

Internal flash memory

8 GB (approximately 7 GB available to the user)

Operating system

Linux Kernel



SD / MMC slot

microSD up to 32 GB

Headphone output


External speakers



Yes, 802.11 b / g / n



Web browser

YES WebKit



Menu languages

Polish, English, German, French and others


ABBYY Lingvo dictionaries, Webster 1913 and others. (The possibility of sending to e-mail: English-Polish, German-Polish, Russian-Polish - two-way)


Li-Ion 3.7V, 1500 mAh


155 g


161.3 x 108 x 8mm

Cooperation with systems

Windows, Linux, MacOS

Additional functions

Legimi, BookStore, web browser, calculator, chess, dictionary, Dropbox Gallery PocketBook, Solitaire, Libraries, Notes, PocketBook Sync, PocketNews, Scribble, Send-to-PocketBook, Sudoku


24 months

PocketBook Touch Lux 5 (628) E-Ink E-book E-Reader, Ruby Red (0)PocketBook Touch Lux 5 (628) E-Ink E-book E-Reader, Ruby Red (1)PocketBook Touch Lux 5 (628) E-Ink E-book E-Reader, Ruby Red (2)PocketBook Touch Lux 5 (628) E-Ink E-book E-Reader, Ruby Red (3)

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